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Energia is an innovative power storage company emerging from Stanford University's research excellence, is set to redefine battery resilience and power storage systems with groundbreaking scientific innovations. Leveraging cutting-edge research, ENERGIA has achieved a major breakthrough in rechargeable sodium-ion and lithium-ion batteries with thionyl chloride-based electrolyte, catapulting them into a league of their own.

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Rechargeable Sodium-ion and Lithium-ion Batteries with Thionyl Chloride-based Electrolyte 

Energia's technology uses proprietary rechargeable sodium-ion and lithium-ion batteries featuring a thionyl chloride-based electrolyte. Lithium thionyl chloride batteries, known for their exceptional energy density, have historically faced limitations in terms of rechargeability. Researchers at Stanford University have addressed this challenge by pioneering rechargeable lithium thionyl chloride batteries and introducing a cost-effective sodium-based counterpart. The rechargeability of these cells is attributed to electrolyte additives that facilitate the regeneration of redox-active species during both discharging and charging processes.


In the sodium cells, the introduction of aluminum trichloride to the electrolyte results in the formation of sodium chloride upon discharge. The ensuing Na/Cl battery demonstrates remarkable reversibility, sustaining over 100 cycles with a capacity of up to 1000mAh/g and an average discharge plateau of approximately 3.55 V. A parallel enhancement is observed in lithium cells, where the addition of lithium chloride yields a high discharge capacity of around 3000 mAh/g. These lithium cells exhibit reversible cyclability at capacities up to 800 mAh/g, accompanied by an average discharge plateau of approximately 3.6 V.


These groundbreaking, rechargeable batteries, characterized by their elevated capacity and energy density, prove eminently suitable for prolonged and stable usage scenarios.


High capacity/energy density


Na/Cl battery: >100 cycles up to 1000mAh/g with an average ~3.55 V discharge plateau


Li/Cl battery: reversible cyclability at capacity up to 800 mAh/g with an average ~ 3.6 V discharge plateau

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Cheaper sodium design


Easy to manufacture and scale

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