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Applications for Energia's Novel Batteries 

Rechargeable Sodium-ion and Lithium-ion Batteries with Thionyl Chloride 

Vehicle Charging Stations

Our Technology Has Numerous Applications 

Our cutting-edge technology boasts diverse applications, notably within the realm of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Furthermore, our innovative batteries play a pivotal role in Renewable Energy Storage, effectively harnessing and preserving energy derived from sustainable sources such as solar and wind. In the realm of Consumer Electronics, these advanced batteries prove instrumental in energizing a spectrum of devices, encompassing smartphones, laptops, tablets, and various portable gadgets. In the sphere of Industrial Applications, they exhibit utility in powering industrial equipment.

Our Longer Storage Capabilities Is Paradigm Shiffting 

Extending our capabilities for prolonged energy retention, our batteries find valuable applications in Energy Storage for both residential and commercial entities. The burgeoning role of batteries in Aerospace and Defense is evident, as they are poised to serve in aviation, space exploration, and military equipment. The medical field benefits from these batteries, which aptly power critical devices like pacemakers and other implantable instruments. Additionally, our technology extends its influence to the domain of Portable Power Tools, empowering cordless drills, saws, and an array of other tools with reliable energy sources.

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